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Tablet Pilot (StoreS #20, #158, #226)


About BevTV & Sellr

BevTV gives advertisers access to shoppers in beer, wine and spirit aisles with interactive engaging content. BevTV runs on Sellr Interactive tablet platform in 100’s of stores in 30+ states.


Access shoppers

Reach qualified beverage shoppers on beer, wine, and spirit aisles — at the point of decision.


Measure and Track Engagement

Track impressions and engagement with your brand with monthly reports.


Leverage existing creatives

Use existing short form videos or image ads to engage shoppers.

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See Beverage Tablets in action:

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Shopper Experience

Shoppers can engage by…

  • Tapping on a video / image ad to learn more

  • Scanning any beer, wine or spirit sold in Meijer to learn more

  • Browsing cocktail recipes provided by Liquor.com

  • Reading product descriptions, tasting notes, food pairing options and more.


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Promote your products and content during our 90 Day pilot program at Meijer.

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BevTV Sample Content

Content / ads like these are currently playing in Meijer beverage aisles

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Scan any Product

Lookup product description, tasting notes, food pairing suggestions by scanning the barcode of any beer, wine or spirit.


Learn More

Shoppers can view product description, tasting notes, food pairing suggestions and even text / email info to themselves from the tablet.